Original Oriental Clothing Label.


Karaoke Clothing is a brand/art project produced by the Tokyo based art director Hideyuki Tanaka. The brand focuses on creating conceptual products based on the theme “Asian Cities” drawing inspiration from Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangkok among others. Through our products, we aim to present traditional Asian values, and the contemporary, groundbreaking ideas cultivated in the dynamic Asian cities. In the future, we plan on releasing products and films made in collaboration with various creators in the Asian region, by communicating with them through a network built upon previous businesses operations such as character design, filmmaking, and advertising. For those of you who are interested, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Art Director

Hideyuki Tanaka


1-18-5 Komaba, Meguro Tokyo 150-0041 JAPAN
t: +81 3 5738 1180 / f: +81 3 5738 3491
Email: info@karaokeclothing.com